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It is the world’s biggest human-produced structure stretching a lot more than ten miles. In the west, the Ming walls are packed earth with out any covering of stones, and now rounded by fierce winds into tiny extra than a ridge sighted on the plains. 1 section, for instance, is shown in historical documents as having only watchtowers, but a stone wall has been built to connect the towers, to make the wall match people’s imaginings. The Fantastic Wall was produced when Qin Shihuang, China’s initially emperor, united a variety of border walls constructed by the tiny kingdoms that he conquered.

Made use of in tandem, they produced surprisingly robust composite building materials by adding in decayed plant matter for added fibrous support . To this day, you can see ruins of Han-era walls in the desert that stand up to ten.five feet tall (three.2m). The early walls, mostly from the Warring States Period as effectively as the Qin and Han dynasties, consisted of primarily rammed earth. It is amazing that this could be constructed on mountaintops..I have to go to at least once in this life time.. The typical height of the Fantastic Wall of China is six.six m, even though some parts are reduced or greater, reaching up to 10 meters higher.

“The further I went, the more it became a responsibility to society rather than just a self-fulfilling project.” Instead of referencing a map, they just followed the wall and recorded their own path on paper as effectively as their observations on the wall’s condition. At evening, they generally slept inside the wall’s gates and fortresses, which have been physically separated from the major structure, so they could document them also.

This section can be admittedly busy, even though it is not as frenetic as Badaling. It can also feel a bit like a theme park, with its glut of franchises and shops clogging the entrance, but there are still lots of motives why you might want to pay a visit to Mutianyu may possibly suit you. Through the Qin and Han dynasties, prisoners had been forced to commit four years working on the wall and throughout the Ming dynasty, prisoners produced up a majority of the workforce.

The initial went up some four centuries prior to Qin Shi Huang, who became China’s initially emperor in 221 BC, ordered a decade-lengthy project to unite and expand these defences into a single barrier. In 2013, some 10,720,000 vacationers visited the Great Wall of China, generating it one of the world’s most visited tourist attractions. Contrary to well-known rumors, you cannot see the Good Wall of China from space with the naked eye. As NASA reported, nonetheless, photographs taken from the International Space Station have depicted sections of the wall under excellent situations. The wall can be clearly photographed from space making use of radar imagery.

For three straight centuries, new sections were added to the Wall even though the older regions had been repaired and fortified. The Ming Dynasty overthrew the foreign rule of the Yuan Dynasty in the late 13th century AD. Now that the Chinese were back, they decided to make some severe upgrades to the Fantastic Wall, which was their one and only line of defense against future invaders. In spite of the extreme cautionary measures, the Fantastic Wall was not completely insurmountable. The Mongolians have been a lot more clever than the Chinese could ever imagine!

Nonetheless, this is tough to confirm not forgetting the decay of bodies could outcome in cavities in the wall and consequently weaknesses. The Excellent Wall is the biggest defense project in China and the globe with the longest span of building time. Its construction has been on and off for over 2,000 years because the 7th century BC, with a vast expanse of the territory in the northern and central parts of China.

In addition, the emperor also commanded to build the Good Wall along Hexi Corridor, a section of the Silk Road. This action protected the safety of the Silk Road, which promoted the culture, politics and economy exchange between China and other countries as well. Entire towns sprouted up along the Wall to turn into industrial regions for blasting rocks and firing bricks, as effectively as to house and feed all of the workers. On mountains with flat adequate paths, one particular-wheel barrows were used. Basket and pulley systems had been utilized over deep valleys, and components had been also pulled to the top rated of the Wonderful Wall on ropes. Human chains had been also utilized to pass the blocks and baskets up.

It’s also often acclaimed as the only man-produced structure visible from space. In reality, the influx of vacationers has brought on the wall to deteriorate, top the Chinese government to launch preservation initiatives. Small openings along the wall let archers fire on invaders, whilst bigger ones we’re utilized to dropping stones and additional. To defend against them, the Emperor expanded the small walls constructed by his predecessors, connecting some and fortifying other people. It is an ancient military defense for ancient China, which is a higher, sturdy and continuous longite, made use of to limit the enemy ride.

Do not be bold to climb the undeveloped sections where the locations are insecure or broken, or you could injured by the breakage of the wall. Huanghuacheng Wonderful Wall (黄花城长城) is a single of the most nicely constructed sections of the Wonderful Wall. Mutianyu Great Wall(慕田峪长城) is also close to Beijing but slightly much this hyperlink less crowded than Badaling. It has a cable vehicle lift to get onto and off the wall and a wheeled toboggan ride down on a metal track. The Fantastic Wall of China stretches more than about six,400 km across a selection of terrains like mountains, plateaus and desserts.

Often the young males that have been forced to create the wall had to haul boats loaded with baggage upstream in rivers in order to bring food to the workers. The operate was so hard that several people attempted to escape and sneak away back to the city or to their hometowns. Several individuals died in the wilderness attempting to escape for the reason that the situations were hard to survive and the journey property was so long. The Terrific Wall started as a series of several smaller sized walls that have been not connected with every other. The initial sections of the wall were constructed as early as 600 B.C. As time went on Chinese emperors connected them together to keep Huns, Mongols and other tribes out.

As a result was the initially cohesive defense system of which significant vestiges nonetheless remain, completed, shortly ahead of the accession of the Han dynasty (206 B.C.). In the course of their reign the Good Wall was extended even additional, and beneath the emperor Wudi ( B.C.) it spanned roughly 3700 miles in between Dunhuang in the west to Bohai Sea in the east. The danger of incursion along northern Chinese border by the federated tribes of Mongols, Turks and Tunguz of the Empire of the Xiongnu, the very first empire of the steppes, made a defense policy more required than ever.

Every single tower has distinctive and restricted stairways and entries to confuse attackers. Barracks and administrative centers are positioned at bigger intervals. The Ming Dynasty collapsed for the reason that of division within, not for the reason that the wall was breeched by force. 1 of the 1st points that Qin Shi Huangdi did was to tear down the walls that the numerous kingdoms had built through the 200-year-lengthy wars for dominance. He did this to symbolize that China was now 1 empire, under his authority, and as a result no city needed to defend itself against the others. The Huanghuacheng Fantastic Wall can be reached by taking bus 916 or 916 Express from Dongzhimen in Beijing and altering at Huairou bus station to bus quantity H21 to Small West Lake station.

For data on user permissions, please read our Terms of Service. If you have inquiries about licensing content on this web page, please get in touch with for additional details and to acquire a license. If you have concerns about how to cite anything on our web-site in your project or classroom presentation, please contact your teacher. When you attain out to him or her, you will want the web page title, URL, and the date you accessed the resource. Nevertheless, this does not detract from the wonder of this astounding ancient structure. Barack Obama, President of the U.S., visited the Excellent Wall on November 18, 2009.

Icbc Admitted As Trading Member At Luxembourg Stock Exchange As Very First Chinese Bank

For instance, any transfer of funds among ICBC account would not be deemed fresh funds. From 21 Could 20, interest rates for new placements and renewals in an SGD FD Account will be computed primarily based on the total SGD FD balances, rather of each placement and/or renewal. Note that DBS only accepts new placements for tenors 12 months and beneath.

Clients can also make healthcare appointment on the day at self-service devices of the hospital, no need to queue up once again. Besides, individuals can use bank card to pay the fees for health-related checks, tests and pharmaceutical drugs or settle the bill by way of transfer, if the hospital supports sufferers to spend bills through treatment. Sufferers no longer need to run about and queue up and pay at the cashier counter. 1 of the specialty locations for the financial services group is their commitment to continuous innovation in RMB merchandise and solutions, which has led to the bank possessing currently been established as the preferred RMB bank in Singapore. Bank AL Habib Netbanking empowers you to handle all your finances with an enhanced platform that makes banking very simple and simple. No matter whether you’re hunting to verify your balance, pay bills, transfer funds or print statements our Netbanking and mobile app has got you covered.

They are obtainable regardless of who is at fault for the accident or regardless of no matter whether you decide on to commence legal action for damages arising from your accident. To provide superior investment management solutions by way of attractive but steady investment benefits”. ICBCCS places fantastic emphasis on robust internal governance, experienced management of investment dangers, sophisticated investigation and best people today. Below ICBC’s monopoly, drivers spend extra than any individual else in Canada with premiums averaging $1,832. British Columbians pay hundreds much more than drivers in Alberta and Ontario, but obtain comparable amounts when they make a claim. The typical injury claim in BC is roughly the identical as in Alberta and Ontario, and it’s even less than in other provinces. ICBC suggests that drivers are the trigger of higher prices in BC because accidents are out of control.

These days, ICBC is the most lucrative industrial bank in the globe with the biggest market capitalization and the biggest consumer deposits. In current years ICBC has escalated its international presence via new branches and acquisitions and scaled up its overseas subsidiaries and enterprise places to give economic services across the globe. As of these days, ICBC has a international network comprising 203 overseas subsidiaries in 28 countries/regions and 1453 correspondent banks in 132 countries/regions spreading over 5 continents of Asia, Africa, Europe. America and Australia, offering solutions to clients in different markets across the world. In the United States, ICBC has four institutions supplying a complete suite monetary services to customer, small business, and economic institution consumers.

Though the enterprise has a fair amount of awards, there are not currently any internationally recognised certificates (such as LEED, Dow Jones, and so on.) listed in their report. Producing an effort to raise their corporate social responsibility impact. Promoted paperless, power-effective E-banking leveraging on its top technological strengths, with the E-banking transactions accounting for 98.70%.

Our team have received many inquiries more than the past weeks about what this means for people with pre-existing motor car claims, or men and women who had been injured prior to May 1st, 2021 that are thinking of suing the accountable driver. As explained beneath, if you fall into 1 of the aforementioned categories, the No Fault adjustments will not affect your appropriate to sue. This ban on motor car litigation, nonetheless, comes in exchange for an expansion of the medical, rehabilitative, and earnings replacement positive aspects offered to all drivers, regardless of who is accountable for the accident.

Fixed deposit rates differ monthly, based on when you open the fixed deposit account, and the interest rate you earn would rely on your deposit amount and tenure. Tenures can variety from 1 month to four years, with much more appealing interest prices getting given to longer tenures of two to 3 years. With SSBs, on the other click this link hand, the interest price climbs every year, so the longer you keep the funds in there the far more you get. At the same time, SSBs have greater liquidity than fixed deposits. You will not be penalised if you withdraw your dollars at any point.

In the United States, these price hikes are already underway with the Federal Reserve announcing a 25 basis point jump in mid-March and the Federal Open Market place Committee projecting as many as six additional rate hikes throughout this year. This comes as the U.S. economy recovers a great deal more quickly than a great deal of the rest of the world, to the tune of five.7% GDP growth in 2021. While most comments will be posted if they are on-subject and not abusive, moderation choices are subjective. Published comments are readers’ own views and The Business Normal does not endorse any of the readers’ comments.

You can make your application utilizing the on the net application portal and you will receive a notification e mail of receipt. In the event that your capabilities, encounter and qualifications are closely matched to the requirements of the function, we will get in touch with you to talk about next steps. two.three Please inform the bank immediately if program does not initialise password reset prompt throughout your first time log-in, in order to stay away from temporary password becoming stolen by other individuals.

By the finish of 2018, ICBC has set up 426 institutions in 47 countries and regions. In addition to, by acquiring shares of Regular Bank of South Africa, ICBC expanded its service indirectly to 20 African nations, therefore forming a worldwide service network covering Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, America and Australia. The licenses of overseas institutions are normally versatile, as a result, most overseas institutions are allowed to engage in industrial banking enterprise, as nicely as all or some of investment banking and other economic corporations. As a substantial supplement to overseas operation network, the correspondent banks network of ICBC has expanded to 145 nations and regions with 1,502 foreign correspondent banks. By capital strength, its total RMB assets and settlement volume remain atop the world, delivering abundant RMB funds to customers. As for worldwide network, the Bank’s overseas network has so far covered 42 countries and territories, the widest if its kind among Chinese monetary institutions.

Collectively with the network are wholly-owned bank subsidiaries in Thailand, along with their branches, bringing the quantity of overseas outposts to 37 in total. It has 6,559 staff and an aggregate paid-in capital of NT$85.362 billion. The bank at the moment makes use of batched ETL processes to move transactional information from the IBM Z atmosphere to open platforms for evaluation. With z/OS two.3 offering true-time Method Management Facilities access, ICBC is thinking about making use of machine-understanding methods to analyze the live information and use the outcomes to optimize IT operational management.

ICBC supplies services which includes private banking, investment banking, corporate wealth management, guarantee and commitment, asset custody, as effectively as trust and agency services. ICBC is headquartered in Beijing and founded in 1984, the bank listed its shares in mainland China and Hong Kong in 2006. It is China’s largest by asset scale and by share of lending and deposits. Central Huijin Investment (China’s sovereign wealth fund manager) and China’s Ministry of Finance are ICBC’s two biggest shareholders, each with a stake of about 35%.

Please use the most up-to-date version of following World-wide-web Browsers for seamless Netbanking experience. Yes, you can use the choice “Upcoming Payments” for Standing Instructions and/or Pay Later. These characteristics have been introduced in AL Habib Netbanking / AL Habib MOBILE for your convenience. You can perform funds transfer within Bank AL Habib or to any other 1Link member Bank in Pakistan by means of this selection without adding a payee/beneficiary. You have to enter OTP which is received only on your registered Mobile number or email address upon logging into AL Habib Netbanking / AL Habib MOBILE. Auto Read OTP function is made obtainable to prospects, that reads OTP as received by way of SMS on Android Mobile devices.

Industrial and Industrial Bank of China was established on 1 January 1984. On 27 October 2006, the Bank was effectively listed on both Shanghai Stock Exchange and The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Restricted. According to Chairman Jiang Jianqing, considering the fact that getting into Canada, ICBC has continued to focused on Chinese-Canadian economic and trade activities. Authorized by the People’s Bank of China, ICBC serves as a RMB clearing bank in Toronto, the first of its type place into operation in North America, building a 24-hour uninterrupted RMB clearing technique worldwide.

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If you had been offered, bought or sold shares, you can use our reporting type. If you use an authorised firm, access to the Financial Ombudsman Service and FSCS protection will depend on the investment you are producing and the service the firm is supplying. If you would like additional information and facts about protection, the authorised firm need to be in a position to assistance. As a Premium user you get access to background facts and specifics about the release of this statistic.

By the starting of the 1990s, CCB’s network numbered much more than 21,000 branches nationwide, and its employee base had grown to almost 400,000. The bank started developing its initial credit card in 1989 with MasterCard. The company then added a VISA card, and by 1993 had extended its credit-card issuing operations to practically 270 branches. The company also started installing its personal ATM network, and by the end of 1993 boasted some 7,000 machines.

Reed Solomon Codes for Coders – an elaborate tutorial on Wikiversity, covering each QR code structure and the Reed Solomon codes used to encode the information. The use of QR code technology is freely licensed as long as customers stick to the requirements for QR Code documented with JIS or ISO/IEC. The message is encoded using a Reed Solomon code (shortened to code by employing “padding”) which can appropriate up to 3 byte errors.

ICBC is ranked 7th on The Asian Banker strength list of Asian Pacific banks, which ranks banks primarily based on the strength of their balance sheet. These are the Industrial & Industrial Bank of China , the China Construction Bank , the Bank of China , the Bank of Communications , and the Agricultural Bank of China . SCMP quotes He Fei, a Senior Researcher at Bank of Communications in Shanghai, who stated that CCB’s robot branch pilot will act as a great testing ground where public opinion can be garnered.

CCB’s achievements would have been impossible with no the robust help of subsequent-generation digital IT systems that consist of service, technologies, and implementation transformation. Two keywords — ‘enterprise-class’ and ‘model-based’ — best describe CCB’s transformation. A trifecta of Chinese lenders, Industrial and Industrial bank of China, China Construction Bank and Agricultural Bank of China, held onto their rank as the world’s most effective firms in 2015, topping the Forbes Worldwide 2000. Bloomberg Markets European Open Bloomberg Markets European Open kick begins the trading day, breaking down what is moving markets and why.

And this inclusive lending that is digitalized and targeted in fact has grown from the thin-profit enterprise to a big driver of business enterprise, and more than CNY 270 billion of Yu Nong Tong has contributed to the rural revitalization drive. And the NPL ratio is down by .14%, and we program for CNY 91 billion of dividend payments. So we really handed out a fairly an superb report card to the shareholders and the society. So I think all of the indicators are currently in these papers, so I will not go into facts on this occasion.

Browse an unrivalled portfolio of real-time and historical market information and insights from worldwide sources and experts. Any information and facts that you get by means of FT.com is at ideal delayed intraday data and not “real time”. Share cost info may be rounded up/down and thus not entirely precise. FT is not responsible for any use of content material by you outside its scope as stated in the FT Terms & Conditions.

The efficiencies from tokenising these securities enables ADDX to reduce minimum investment sizes from US$1 million to US$10,000. ADDX has listed far more than 30 offers to date, involving blue-chip names such as Hamilton Lane, Partners Group, Investcorp, Singtel, UOB, CGS-CIMB, as well as Temasek subsidiaries Mapletree, Azalea, SeaTown and Fullerton Fund Management. The monetary technologies business has raised a total of US$120 million in funding since its inception in 2017, like click here for info US$50 million in its Series A round in January 2021 and US$58 million in its Pre-Series B round in May well 2022. Its shareholders include things like Singapore Exchange , the Stock Exchange of Thailand , Temasek subsidiary Heliconia Capital and the Development Bank of Japan . The Luxembourg Stock Exchange is the gateway to access international investors. Our International Student account is the intelligent selection to deliver you with uncomplicated access to every day banking solutions.

This contains assisting you navigate the complexities of establishing trusts, wills and healthcare directives. At Bank of Marin our role is to guide you at the correct time, to enable you answer your most pressing queries and issues, and to anticipate your requires before they grow to be an unnecessary burden to your loved ones or your enterprise. Last 3 alpha-Numric is branch code, These characters are optional. The initial 4 letters indicate the shortened version of a bank’s name. With the proper technology, worldwide economic transactions can be a great deal additional very simple, no matter who you are and where you are.

Premium quantity may well be aspect of the loan as per total eligibility of the borrower may well be funded by the Bank at the time of sanction and is recoverable with the EMIs of the loan. Premium amount for obtaining the cover can be financed as component of loan at the request of borrower and accordingly EMI will be calculated. But in case of Dwelling Loans, recommendations regarding compliance of LTV Ratio must be strictly ensured. Life cover is available against payment of one particular time premium and quantity of premium is primarily based on the age of the borrower, amount of loan, interest rate and tenure of the loan. Recovery of interest for the moratorium period Interest charged for the duration of the moratorium period is to be recovered as and when debited.

This is intended for details purposes only and is not intended as an give or recommendation to obtain, sell or otherwise deal in securities. The DragonPay item is convenient, basic, and very popular. This revolutionary payment solution covers all on line and offline scenarios and integrates near field communication, QR codes, and other technologies for the initial time. Its major functions include things like ‘CCB Wallet,’ QR code payment, all-card payment, cloud-primarily based quick payment, no cost withdrawals, payment by mates, AA payment, and Dragon Business Owner.

We do note, even so, it is attainable insiders have an indirect interest through a private firm or other corporate structure. Preserve in mind that it is a huge enterprise, and the insiders personal HK$14m worth of shares. The absolute worth may well be more critical than the proportional share. Arguably, current acquiring and selling is just as important to think about. You can click right here to see if insiders have been buying or selling. As you can see, institutional investors have a fair quantity of stake in China Jinmao Holdings Group.

China Construction Bank Acquires Industrial Banking License In Malaysia Business Enterprise

Apart from these, the bank also oversees equity ventures and earnings of subsidiaries. And with regard to the management method, we are attempting to connect the wealth management to asset management and investment banking as a complete. And we also cover all the way from the investment investigation to post-investment management.

Contingency preparing has been a requirement for China’s greatest economic institutions for a decade now. HKMA enables 16 banks to sell merchandise in Hong Kong and the mainland, though three can only sell to Greater Bay Area residents by way of the southbound route. Chinese banks exited the third quarter with marginal improvement in bad loan ratios.

October 2020 – CBIRC fines CCB-Shenzhen RMB 7.3 M (USD 1.1 M) for hiding risks and utilizing income for purposes than those otherwise stated. It is as most likely that losses will be incurred rather than profits produced as a outcome of getting and selling securities. The previous performance of a mutual fund is not a guide to its future functionality and yields are not assured. Buyers could shed some or all of the principal amount invested. Funds are not obligations of, or assured by, the Bank or any of its affiliates.

We know that a supportive enterprise atmosphere is crucial to helping your business thrive. Learn far more about what DIFC has to offer you, from effortless set-up processes to an enabling infrastructure and a variety of workplace spaces. HDFC Bank & Kotak Mahindra are the only two banks from Asia in the list, and among the 11 corporations from India in the 2012 edition of Forbes Asia’s Fab 50, HDFC Bank said. The report mentioned no major bank has committed to end financing for new oil and gas exploration, and only 1 has promised to reduce all coal financing in line with International Power Agency recommendations. Sign up for ChinaEdge email updates, and we’ll let you know when new companies, data sets, or functionality are added. FX Linked Deposit is a structured solution involving derivatives.

This is associated to low financial improvement, low consumption levels, and a lack of capable men and women (Zhang & Li, 2005). World wide web banking in China emerged later than in other created countries, with a dynamic and quickly expanding market. Right here, we introduce some of the distinct traits of Chinese Online banking. The grant of the license is primarily based on CCB’s prudential strength and ability to bring in propositions that are in the ideal interests of Malaysia, the central bank mentioned. The newly-established bank, called China Building Bank Berhad, or CCB Malaysia, will be operated as a wholly-owned subsidiary of CCB Corporation Ltd, said the statement. It has invested extra than US$two billion in fintech initiatives and posted extra than 10,000 info technologies employees across several countries, who account for practically 3 per cent of the group’s total headcount.

In the first two months, we can see that the important financial indicators are displaying improvement. And then we will truly spend consideration to the three missions and three measures to additional strengthen our credit mix. We will continue to enhance our — the inclusive finance, consumption finance and rental home support. We reported a Jing-Jin-Ji and also the [Net-plus governance-plus] supervision scenario improvement.

The comparative study of Internet banking service in China and Korea. CCB will grow to be the third Chinese state-owned bank to open branches in Malaysia after the Bank of China and the Industrial and Industrial Bank of China. Total a wide range of banking transactions from your mobile phone with Common Chartered Mobile Banking. Specifically, doing so enables you to report the loss of cards, bankbooks, statements, or registered bonds. You can also schedule an appointment to withdraw huge amounts of money. China Building Bank also challenges a permit to carry foreign currency abroad for purposes of travel, education, and migration.

It can be located on your bank statements or displayed in your online banking account. If you are nonetheless struggling to locate it, get in touch sneak a peek at this web-site with your bank straight and a member of employees will be capable to recite the bank’s SWIFT code to you. In order to make international payments to China Building Bank in China you have to know the bank´s SWIFT / BIC code.

Third, this study discusses the potential industry for Web banking solutions in China, and three factors that may influence the development of Chinese Online banking. Lastly, we propose two promoting ideas concerning the expansion of the Chinese Net banking market place. China Building Bank provides mobile banking services that let you to conveniently access your account with just a cellphone at hand. Through this platform, you can initiate fund transfers, remittances, and the payment of utility bills. China Construction Bank Corporation is a single of the People’s Republic of China’s “big four” banks. CCB was the world’s second-largest bank by industry capitalization and the sixth-biggest company in 2015.

Several initiatives are in place to groom employees all through their life cycle. A comprehensive talent management technique to groom future leaders of the bank. Bank of Baroda deposit plans offer handy solutions to both operating folks as effectively as senior citizens. These deposits are categorised into deposits with a term period of much less than 12 months, a lot more than 12 months and recurring deposits. Acquiring an education loan is an simple way to finance your dreams.

As the national culture of Chinese clients requires robust uncertainty avoidance, Chinese prospects tend to experience difficulty in adopting new technologies-based economic systems. “Our strength in mobile banking data targeted traffic has turn into a strong foundation which supports the improvement of the bank’s retail business. China Construction Bank has a 24-hour service window, which implies that a representative is prepared to assist you at any time, 7 days a week. This service is readily available to Chinese residents and foreigners who have lived in China for a lot more than a year.

And we developed that agency salary ecosystem and the big retail ecosystem and the agriculture ecosystem. So now we have these loopholes for distinctive groups of consumers where we got a lot of worth. And then the excellent asset management is also becoming increasingly important. In fact, we began from a incredibly tiny region to essentially promote a modify for the whole asset management business. For instance, we created the main menu — venue for the wealth management and also the so-named wealth neighborhood. And we also established this function platform for the account buyers to allow our teams.